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Sidecar Rally China is an adventurous way to drive a Chang Jiang 750 (Long River) Sidecar motorcycle in the most beautiful areas in China and neighbor countries in Asia. You can drive yourself or as a passenger on the motorbike. It is a homage to China`s greatest motorcycle for the past 50 years, the Chang Jiang 750 cc boxer engine with its origin from the BMW R 71. (See "The Bikes")

This Rally is all about enjoying motorbike riding and touring on vintage sidecar motorcycles in breathtaking sceneries. These motorbikes give everyone the feeling of the past while cruising through mountains, forests, deserts and high plateaus on an overland adventure ride. Some shorter Tours which are more on the luxury site are also available.

It started in January 2010 in Shanghai with the Idea to move the same Sidecars around China with differnt drivers. Now after 3 years the different teams have driven altogether more then 250.000 km with these magnificant Vehicles.

The Fleet combine now more than 30 Sidecars in 6 selected Locations in China which are the starting point for Tours, Overland expeditions or pure Road trips. This makes SRC the biggest private owner of licensed Chang Jiang Sidecars in China and Asia.

The Team leader from Sidecar Rally China is "Yangtsepete". He have many years of riding experience in China and the World. The greater team are foreigners who have resided in China for many years. They speak Chinese, are familiar with local customs and have some ”Know How” to keep those classic Sidecar Motorbikes moving. They also do their best to provide as much as safety as possible during the rides.

Anybody who has a Chinese “D” driver endorsement ( License for Motorbikes with Sidecar ) can join the Rally as a driver.
For riders with a motorcycle license or endorsement in their home country who do not have a Chinese license or motorcycle endorsement we can arrange a temporary Chinese driving license. You then have the ability to join a Stage as a rider.

Participants with no Motorbike License may join as a Passenger in the Sidecar. We also can arrange a Sidercar including a driver for you. (please see as well "TRAVEL INFO")

If you have your own Team together we arrange your own Stage, you Name it!


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