The Stages


Hainan "The tropical Paradise" 

Hainan the tropical Island in the South China Sea is offering sandy beaches, majestic

mountains, crystal clear lakes and lush rainforests. The city of Sanya in the south of

the Island are the starting point for our Tours.

We visit the sights of Sanya and the amazing countryside with local Li and Miao villages. National Parks with prime forests are as well a part of our Tours.

In Sanya we offer chaffeur driven halfday/day tours with 2 Person as passengers on the Sidecar and as well self driving tours for 3-5 days.

Tours of Sanya

3 hours (Passenger Tour)

Your driver who is also your personel guide picks you up from the Hotel. We drive along palm tree lined boulevards of old Sanya seeing the gems of the city in a comfortable open air first class seat.  Our ride takes us to "The end of the World" where we have a little stop for sightseeing and continue afterwards into the mountains to see some of the hinterland.


Secret Beach/Mountain Tour

6 hours (Passenger Tour)

We show you some of the secret bays and beaches combined with a drive trough the Li and Miao villages. We have a picnic basket out in the nature on a quiet beach and enjoy ourself in this paradise.


Heights of Hainan

4-5 Days (Self driving Tour)

1. Day:
You arrive in Sanya and we drive you to the Hotel or Guesthouse in Sanya. In the late afternoon you can relax on the Beach and take a spin on your sidecar later into the city.

2. Day:

After a good breakfast we drive direction west along the coast to the National Forest Park. The prime forest of Hainan gives us an impression how this islands forest was a hundred years ago. We stay in a cottage in the middle of the Park.

Driving distance about 180 km on tarmac.

3. Day:

We continue trough the park and do a circle on some dirt roads within this untouched nature. In the afternoon the stunning climb to Hainans highest mountain the "5 Finger Mountain" is waiting for us. We stay at a Lodge there. Driving distance about 180 km on tarmac and some Off road parts.

4. Day:
Today we go from the mountain area back to the coastline to see some of the sport Hainan is well known for, Surfing. At Ri Yue Beach we have some opportunity to try ourself some of it or just relax at the Bonfire at the Beach. We stay at a nearby Hotel. Driving distance about 150 km on tarmac.
5. Day:
Some more of Hainans hidden beaches are welcoming us and in the later afternoon we will be back in Sanya celebrating the beauty of this island in a local bar. We stay in a Hotel or Guesthouse. Driving distance about 130 km on tarmac.



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