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Driving a Sidecar

to drive a Sidecar is a unique experiance which is different from riding a two wheel motorcycle. To ride it safe, especially on a Tour or Overland Trip the drivers must have the necessary experiance. The asymetric design of the right hand mounted sidecar is challenging the drivers day by day. But once the Riders are in to, its something provides great Fun for the Rider and the Sidecar Passenger.

How to get Experiance ?

You have your own Sidecar and ride it. You know someone who have a Sidecar and he/she will give you a training.

You join a training from proffesionals. In Germany for example:

We will collect more infos of Companys, Clubs, Organisations who provide Sidecar Trainings.

We will give you a full introduction of your Sidecar you will ride at the location. If you need a extended training from us, then at least plan 1 extra day more for this during your visit.



For China you must apply for you visa in advance. A single entry 30 day visa, or a double entry visa, e.g. for the Laos or Indochina Trips (China-Laos-China) is necessary. Visas for Laos and Thailand are for most countries available on arrival.


Medical Insurance and medical preperation

Please get your own medical Travel Insurance. It cost usually not more than a couple of dollars per day. Make sure it is including a repatriation service, means they fly you out if necessary to the next bigger hospital or even home.

For areas like Tibet and tibetian areas in Yunnan Province Altitude Sickness can appear. Please consult your doctor and get prepared for that!

Some riders took western medicine, some didnt at all, some got sick and cured with having a rest and local medicine. Most riders didnt had any significant problems, no matter what age.

We provide oxygen and local medicine.

Vaccinations for Tibet, South-West-China, Laos and Thailand please check the WHO recomendations.


Driving License

You must have a motorcycle driving license in your home country if you want to drive yourself. For China a chinese driving license is necessary. If you are not living in China, than you can apply for a temporary chinese driving license trough us.

A International driving license is accepted in Laos and Thailand, which you get in your home country or their related embassys and consulates.

Documents necessary for a chinese temporary driving license:

-Copy of your Passport

-Copy of your chinese Visa

-Copy of your national driving license

-Translation in chinese of your national license

-2 Passport pictures


Driving Distances per Day and Speed

A 250 km/day on this vintage bikes with their suspension and their handling is in a sportive range. On the Trips we ride everage a 150 km/day sometimes more and sometimes less depends on road conditions and the scedule. We try to keep it in the recreational range to have time to enjoy the sceneries and sights and for sure the photoshootings. The everage speed is about a 50-60 km/h which gives you enough to work on. This is not a Race, but a still a lot of Fun.


Driving Style

We ride in Groups and everyone got a Buddy to take care of. If your Buddy is not in sight then you slowdown or stop. There is a front rider and the rear column to make sure everyone is o.k. Team Spirit is the Motto. For bigger Groups we have a support vehicle which carry the luggage and equipment.


Motorcycle Gear

Bring your own Gear, your second Skin which is best. Wear a Helmet, Gloves, solid Shoes which are flexible on top to allow to bend your foot for shifting gears. The "onion layer principle" usually work best for the areas we drive in. For the tropical Areas lighter gear is recommended (15 -30 deg). For high altitude areas, temperatures can be around zero at night and 25 during the day. A set of light Rain gear is necessary which works also as a wind breaker.


Hotels and Guesthouses

The Charm of touring with your own vehicle lies in the fact that you go in areas less travelled. This involves sometimes that we have to stay in very "basic" places. A own sleeping bag provides some privacy and is easy to cary. In most situations we stay in cosy Guesthouses and local Hotels which provide good compfort and cleanliness. 5 Star Hotels can be arranged on demand when you are a own group. It is always a big entry when you stop at the front door with your Sidecar and enter the Lobby in your dusty gear. ;-) 



The Diet we enjoy is local food with western and asian elements if available. So can we enjoy nepalese food in tibet, some thai cousine in laos. French and German Bread in China and last not least the treasures from the chinese restaurants and eateries.


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