The Riders

Andrea & Udo

2010 Yunnan

Bike No: 7                            Status: Team Rider

Yunnan is a great place for Motorbike -Touring, especially with a Sidecar. My Husband and me took turns in the driver seat, so everybody could enjoy the views out of the sidecar seat and taking pictures.


2010 Tibet

Bike No: Own Bike           Status: Rider

One of the Adventures of my Lifetime to be on the "Roof of the World. Merci to Peter.


2010 Tibet

Bike No: 3                              Status: Rider

The first Englishman back in Tibet following the tracks of the explorers of my grandfathers time.


2012 Tibet

Bike No:25                    Status: Passenger

Great views from the Sidecar. An unforgetable Trip.


2012 Yunnan - Laos

Bike 19                         Status: Rider

First time I joined a guided Motorbike Trip, but it is so much more relaxing when someone else does all the work of the routeplanning and preperation for bordercrossing. That's a great way of having a real Adventure.


2012 Yunnan

Bike No 16                                 Status: Rider

Great Fun with me driving and my Husband in the Sidecar.


2010, 2011 Guilin-Kunming, Shanghai-Xiamen, Tibet

Bike No:  7, 11                   Status: Rider 3 Star

I never expeted this way of travelling to be so outstanding. Its really exploring China on the unbeaten track with all the stunning landscapes and the culture.


since 2010 Yunnan, Tibet, Hainan

Bike No: 7, 11, 18              Status: Rider 5 Star

For me the best way to see China and the people. Everywhere we go with this classic Sidecars we get so much "Hello" from them.


2010 Nachchang - Guilin

Bike: No 9                  Status: Rider 

Great Idea to travel around China with these Sidecars. More of that!

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